Christmas (and Thanksgiving) Stuff for Clients 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the studio. Clients gotta have their Christmas stuff, and I like supplying it to them. Here is a lovely assortment of Christmassy (and Thanksgiving-y) stuff I’ve recently done for them.

Christmas greeting for

Aligni Christmas Support Page A wonderful client asked me to create a fun holiday greetings for his December email newsletter. The illustration features characters I created for Aligni over the past couple of years. After the image was complete we decided it would work well on Aligni’s support page as well.

Fireplace illustration for Unitus Community Credit Union

Christmas fireplace illustration for Unitus CCU
Christmas fireplace illustration for Unitus CCU
Photo supplied by Unitus CCU senior graphic designer, Bill Caddell.

Christmas card illustration for Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union

A lovely, funny Christmas card featuring the Executive Leadership Team at Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union in Texas. These people have a wonderful sense of humor, and I love it! Cy-Fair Christmas card

Scooter’s Money Tree Updates newsletter for Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union

This newsletter for kids combines Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. The newsletter features Scooter, a squirrel mascot I developed for Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union. Cy-Fair Scooters Money Tree Updates Newsletter
Cy-Fair Kids Club Newsletter detail
That’s about it. I’ll have more personal Christmas stuff to post in the coming week. Until then, enjoy the season! Oh, and everything you see here is copyrighted. Please no stealing unless you want to end up on Santa’s naughty list.