Land of Cle: A Character a Day For a Year

Happy New Year! I’m excited to tell you about a fun personal project I’m beginning today. It’s called “LAND of CLE” (get it, “cle-LAND”), and it involves me drawing a new character every single day for a WHOLE YEAR!!—completing January 3, 2017. These characters will usually be quick sketches, or even doodles, created digitally or analogue. The types of characters can vary. This week I’ll be focusing on monsters, next week who knows. I’ll be varying it up quite a bit (animals, kids, grown-ups, inanimate objects as characters, etc…).

There’s nothing new about a daily drawing project. My goal isn’t originality. My goal is that in this daily exercise I discover original and exciting things, and to see how the LAND of Cle evolves. How FUN! I’m also excited about expanding my character vocabulary, and drawing skills.

You can follow this challenge daily on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts (#LANDofCLE), or weekly/bi-weekly wrap-ups on this blog.

It’s hard to imagine that by this time next year I’ll have 366 characters completed!! (2016 is a leap year.)

I hope you have a creatively prosperous 2016!