Poster Illustration for Tower International in Budapest

A couple weeks ago I wrapped up the largest, most detailed and challenging piece of illustration of my career. The poster is for Tower International, a property management company in Budapest, Hungary. The poster illustrates all of the services Tower offers to its property owners. The final poster is 33.1 inches wide by 52 inches tall. I also supplied them with a smaller A3 size version for a mailing. Unfortunately I can’t see the final printed piece since I don’t live in Hungary, but the client assured me he will be sending me detailed photos. I’ll post those once I receive them. I can’t wait! tower-international-poster-detail2-josh-cleland tower-international-poster-detail1-josh-cleland tower-international-poster-detail3-josh-cleland tower-international-poster-detail4-josh-cleland tower-international-character-design-1-josh-cleland
Initial layout sketch. The building cutout proved very challenging, yet rewarding.
I spent a great deal of time working on the perspective grid for the main condo building. Once the grid was established I could artistically deviate from it whenever I chose.
Character sketches submitted to the client. I really enjoyed getting back to my cartooning roots with this piece.

5 thoughts on “Poster Illustration for Tower International in Budapest

  1. Stunning! It’s so artistic, a work of art.

    Did you use character features of the people that work at the place?

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